As we turn the pandemic tide, we now know the importance of family and friends matter more than we realized, how loneliness hurts health, and how befriending technology can come to the rescue and has been adopted by older adults.

As a senior living specialist, hearing from families that their loved one has experienced a life-changing event is always hard to hear when you are in the business of helping older adults thrive. It is understandable that families procrastinate making end-of-life plans, determining where their assets and property will go and who will make healthcare decisions, along with other important factors, come to the forefront-in some cases, overnight-and can happen with just one fall or health crisis.

With spring finally here, residents of Tanner Spring enjoy their beautiful flower gardens.
With spring finally here, residents of Tanner Spring enjoy their beautiful flower gardens.

Contemplating a move for yourself or a loved one does not have to be a burden, inconvenience, or even dreaded when you take our advice to heart.
Working with passionate and reputable relations specialists should help remove emotional roadblocks that can come up and be a solutions provider. Senior living should provide a full range of senior living options, including independent, assisted living and memory care neighborhoods that provide care solutions focused on the health, wellness, and individual preferences with supportive services.

Continue living your way of life. Learning about an individual’s lifetime and current routine is vital to creating new personal connections; working with communities that have a culture committed to lifestyle will provide overall peace of mind.

The name “Cadence” underlines the company’s philosophy that each community should respond to life’s natural rhythms and deliver programming to enliven and enrich the residents’ experience.