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Our proprietary SYMPHONY Program is the heartbeat of active senior living at ACOYA Troon. A positive flow of joyful experiences contributes to individual happiness and wellness while helping our residents form meaningful bonds with our team, their family members and the community.

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IN•TUNE Fitness

Get fit with friends at your own pace in our impressive fitness center filled with top-of-the-line equipment to keep you feeling active and agile. We also offer group classes like yoga, cardio, strength training and tai chi so you can get moving however you please.

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ARIA Arts Program

Get creative with the ARIA Arts Program, where artists of all skill levels can create masterpieces like paintings, collages and more. Make something beautiful that you’re proud of in our Talent Room today!

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Cogir Choir

Sing and dance in harmony alongside your friends, family and the community with the Cogir Choir, designed for everyone from lifelong singers to those who just want to have fun.

Holistic Community Engagement

We believe in learning new things from every generation. Through neighborhood book clubs, arts and crafts classes, meditation classes, planned social outings and live performances, cooking classes, karaoke contests, we can engage, expand and prolong our mental capacity.

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A Variety of Divine Dining Options

Enjoy culinary pleasure and healthy indulgence.

At ACOYA Troon, you can experience culinary greatness at every meal. Our award-winning chef serves up your favorite mouthwatering, healthy recipes in a comfortable ambiance inspired by country-club elegance. We also offer snacks 24/7 and, if you feel like cooking at home, we offer the flexibility to use your kitchen to the fullest. We are also happy to meet any dietary restrictions for a menu that’s tailor-made for your needs.

Have Questions About Our Programs?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our accommodating team. We are happy to assist you!