A message from Cadence Principals Eric Gruber and Rob Leinbach:

The entire nation continues to grapple with the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic.  We are grateful for the tireless efforts of our team members in their care and protection of our community residents. We are also grateful for our resident families’ understanding and cooperation to “social distance” during this challenging and stressful time.   Thank you also to the general public for wearing masks and engaging in more cautious behavior.  There is mounting evidence that regions that are engaged in effective social distancing are “slowing the curve”.  Nevertheless, our continued vigilance and efforts to stop the spread of the virus continues.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to enforce protocols at the communities for the safety of our residents and team members.  We are also keenly aware of our holistic mission to create a living environment filled with social interaction and meaning in which our residents can live their best life.   We are grateful that our teams are making efforts to support additional social interaction inside our communities and creating vibrancy within while at the same time observing physical distancing protocols, wearing masks and observing public health guidelines to continue our efforts to keep the Coronavirus from entering the communities.

Our teams are doing their best to engage our residents and lift their spirits through a variety of innovative ways, including tablet technology, Skype, family visits, small group activities, and encouraging “community.”  We can be safe and have fun too.

With gratitude,

Rob Leinbach and Eric Gruber, Principals