A message from Cadence Founders Eric Gruber and Rob Leinbach:

Cadence communities are keeping people safe as we open up.

Cadence Strong, Moving Forward Together

We are so blessed at Cadence Living to have benefited from the US Government’s Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Coronavirus vaccine rollout program. All of our communities have now received at least two vaccination clinics and our residents are now enjoying the benefits of post-vaccine living. In addition, Cadence Living was the first senior living company to mandate vaccinations of Cadence team members in our communities. As such, Cadence Living has one of the highest (if not the highest) team member vaccination rates in the industry. Thank you to all of our residents, loved ones and team members for your support and dedication to the “greater good” in creating “herd immunity” in all of our communities.

As a result of our vaccination efforts and new guidance from the CDC and local authorities, we are excited that we have been able to “open up” our communities in a “spring awakening” that brings joy and warmth to our hearts. Subject to local health differences and our restrictions, we are delighted to share that all of the following is occurring in our communities:

For all residents that are 14 days post second vaccine or 14 days post the single-shot vaccination:
• Physical distancing is no longer required within the community except for non-vaccinated individuals.
• Communal dining is fully open.
• Group activities of vaccinated residents will not require masks or physical distancing.
• Families and loved ones may visit vaccinated residents in their apartments.
• Group outings of vaccinated residents outside of the community may resume. Masks will be worn outside of the community.
• Residents may visit with loved ones outside of the community, including their homes.
• Isolation and/or quarantine will not be required for vaccinated residents.

We are now conducting in-person tours and allow for families to assist with the move in process.

On a personal note, my mother is a resident in one of our communities. I have now had the opportunity to visit with her in her apartment and to take her to our house for dinner without the need for isolation/quarantine upon her return to the community. It is absolutely momentous and joyous that such is occurring after the pandemic that has confronted the world. I am so happy to see her so happy in our community engaging with her friends.

We will continue to test our team members on a regular basis. We will continue to require masks be worn by visitors and unvaccinated residents. We will continue temperature checks and screening to ensure our residents are remaining safe.

Most importantly, we are singing from the rafters with joy. Happy Spring.

Much love,

Rob Leinbach and Eric Gruber
Cadence Living Founders