Kent, WA. – Have you been thinking your loved one might not be safe living in their home? Have they said many times in the past that they will NEVER leave their home? Even when it’s the right thing to do…making this move can be so very hard. We’re excited to announce that our very own Amanda Kirilenko, Director of Community Relations at Cadence at Kent-Meridian, was the featured guest on Desperately Seeking Senior Living: The Podcast. Amanda has had this very tough conversation with so many families before and she was happy to share her knowledge with Valerie Borgman.

“Plant the seeds of a possible move early.”
– Amanda Kirilenko

In this episode, Valerie and Amanda talk about:

– Why we might feel guilty about senior living even if it’s the only option.
– We discuss how senior living can be a good thing. From safety and care to socialization.
– The difference between doing ok and thriving.
– When is it time to make the decision.
– Approach the conversation with an open mind and listen. Expect that there might be tears and anger.
– We all may be in the exact same position someday.

Play the episode here:

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