Traditions are the fabrics that weave holidays together year after year. A special meal, a gathering of family and friends, a religious service — they’re all hallmarks of most holidays and we can safely say those traditional practices will be sorely missed this year as the world navigates a season of social distancing.

But, at Cadence Living, we’ve found a few ways to hold tight to tradition, with a little invention, while also keeping our distance and making sure everyone is safe. As our residents prepare to celebrate Passover and Easter over the coming days, we’re proud to see how traditions have evolved in unique ways to meet the times across our communities.

We like to think that the efforts we are making to introduce new ways of celebrating, which could be thought of as traditions with a twist, will help soften the emotional tug that comes with the temporary loss of family time and welcome get togethers that most people look forward to this time of year.

And, we know it’s important for the well being of our residents to avoid skipping a beat whenever possible.

That’s why most of our communities will assist their residents in accessing streaming church services and providing residents with educational material for Passover, and a number of chefs across our communities have prepared special menus to ensure the spirit of the holiday is felt even in the absence of an ability to gather and celebrate together.

And rest assured, no one has forgotten the treats.

Inspira will be passing out Easter baskets and bunny ears, Andara will have celebratory baskets for every resident and Greeley Village is preparing for a visit from the Easter Bunny, who will keep his distance but still deliver treats to residents’ doors.

Mt. Zion is planning a drive-thru, allowing kids to pick up baskets the residents prepared for them as the residents keep a safe distance, look on at the excitement and share festive signs through the windows.

Residents at Rivergate and Garner will be receiving Easter treats, and residents at Marietta will participate in a scavenger hunt in their rooms before celebrating the holidays with a special meal, seasonal goodies and ice cream sundaes.

Change alters tradition, but we believe it doesn’t have to erase it. And we’re proud that our Cadence Living communities have found creative ways to infuse the coming days with celebratory festivities to keep spirits high during a season that has been, at times, challenging and daunting.

We look forward to seeing and feeling the spirit of the holidays at our communities, and we wish all of our residents and family members continued health and happiness.