There are some professions that are thankless, where hard work leads to outcomes that are never able to be seen or celebrated by the person who put in the effort to make it happen. And then there’s healthcare — the exact opposite.

We’re looking for a few more people to celebrate with.

In the face of an unsettled market and widespread job loss across the country, Cadence Living is hiring. We have positions that need to be filled in more than a dozen of our senior living communities, offering employment opportunities in an industry that never slows down. If anything, the need only grows.

We’re in need of med techs and caregivers, RNs, LVNs and CNAs. We need culinary support, maintenance personnel, housekeepers, and hospitality team members.. And not one is more important than the other, because that is how we work.

At Cadence Living, we believe the role of every team member is of equal value. We believe great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, because just like a symphony, when we’re all playing in tune, it leads to a stellar performance.

Our culture was founded on kindness and respect, and those two ideals are illustrated by the supportive environments we foster at each community, where we instill a practice of compassion and empathy from the front door to the executive office to the kitchen.

We believe resident happiness is our calling, and to achieve that, we pivot on positivity. We lead with the upside across the board. And by doing that, we only invest further in the healthy working environment we’ve created.

We’re also open to what’s possible, as demonstrated by our integration of positive engagement, different nutrition options and new approaches to memory care.

At Cadence Living, we understand that our team members have needs, and that’s why we’re happy to offer extremely competitive compensation packages which include health benefits, paid time off and sick leave, holidays and opportunities for continuing education. And, we offer room for growth.

That’s a big one. We have a habit of promoting from within, because — as we said earlier — we like to celebrate the positive outcomes of hard work. If you do, too, we should talk.

To learn more about the opportunities that are available with Cadence Living, get your resume ready and see if we may be a fit for you. We look forward to celebrating future successes together.