We all want to live well at every age and life stage. Learning to live well is an art and even artists must dig deep, sometimes, to unearth their creativity. Living in a creative space can feed our artistry and ignite our passions. At Cadence Living, every decision we make—from the design of our communities, apartments, and common areas, to our artful dining options, programs, and amenities—is focused on surrounding you with inspiration.

My passion for supporting families considering retirement living is rewarding and the creative people I work with inspire me every day. What I’ve observed is resisting change, even when it’s positive, is often the first obstacle in peoples’ minds to creating the life they desire. I have witnessed—countless times—plans to downsize, sell a home, and move into a supportive community get stifled with overwhelming emotions and fear of change. This common occurrence happens when considering a move into retirement living, regardless of the city or time of year.

Creating a life with purpose and passion is a theme I speak about, and a resource tool I use is a worksheet titled, “Retire on Purpose—Creating the Life You Want.” It was developed by Jackson Financial Life Insurance Company in conjunction with Richard J. Leider, best-selling author of The Power of Purpose. In it they say, “Finding your purpose is a misleading concept because it’s not something you have to go out and get, but rather something you need to turn within and unlock.” The good news is that “your life purpose will always express your gifts, passions, and values. No exceptions.” What a great pallet to work with!

Residing in a purpose-built independent living community will help you stay in tune with your wellness needs and enhance overall peace of mind and happiness. We invite you to stop by to tour our beautiful apartments at Cadence Kent-Meridian. Isn’t it time you lived your best life?