Being a concierge at Cadence at Kent-Meridian requires a special combination of skills, and Mario Taylor was born for the role.

“You have to be organized and detail oriented, and you also have to perform,” he says.

The concierge desk is the central hub of activity at the senior living community. Mario receives all deliveries for residents and staff, plus daily mail. He coordinates appointments for residents, whether they’re receiving a service in their home or heading out to an appointment in Kent. He also loves building relationships with residents when they come up to chat.

“I’m right at the front so I’m often the first person people see. That means I have to be fun, as well as organized,” he says. “I always have doggie treats, and I’m putting together a portfolio with photos of all our residents’ pets.”

Cadence at Kent-Meridian has a motto, Everyone is a Solution Provider, which means that every employee from housekeeping to management is willing to help and ready to take action. As the master conductor of concierge duties, Mario certainly takes that to heart. No matter the issue, he’s determined to follow up and follow through.

Since residents began moving in at the beginning of June, that often means helping ensure the cable is connected and TVs are working properly.

“They say they’ve been calling the cable company and can’t get through, so I say ‘let me handle it.’ Then I’m able to call back and say, ‘They’re coming at this time on this day to get it fixed.’ When they start giving up, I don’t give up.”

Before working at Cadence at Kent-Meridian, Mario was a Hospital Unit Coordinator for 17 years, so he’s clearly good in a crisis, and great at keeping records organized and up to date. At Cadence, he keeps employee and resident records up-to-date, as well as an emergency binder.

“It means I’m able to grab forms and info quickly, and boom, they’re able to get moving.”

Mario is known around the community for his problem-solving abilities, and also his friendly attitude and also his dapper outfits.

“I do dress to impress,” he says. “I waited two years for this building to be here, from the time it was first announced. Now that I’ve finally started, I’m just loving it!”

Open House Aug. 25, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Take a mid-day break in the Cadence Dug Out on Aug. 25, with special guest Mayor Ralph! Enjoy gourmet stadium eats, assorted beverages, swag and explore the amazing amenities at Cadence at Kent-Meridian.

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