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A Modern Approach to Memory Care

For those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

We celebrate our residents’ individuality while caring for their unique needs. We help your loved one make connections through music, dance, art, food, movement and sensory stimulation.  

Memory Care Support

For people living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, no case is quite the same. Your loved one will receive a personalized service plan to address their needs on an individual basis.

If your spouse is living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you can continue to live under the same roof and in close proximity to maintain this important relationship. You’ll have the freedom to visit and stay connected whenever you wish, dine together and continue your meaningful bond.

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Included in Your Monthly Rate

(Will vary by individual community)

Memory Care apartments include all of the amenities to make you feel at home and additional support designed to enhance the well-being of your loved one living with memory loss.

  • Beautifully designed spaces that ease independent navigation for people living with memory loss
  • Spacious common areas and inviting areas for family and friends
  • Secure outdoor garden space for relaxation or gardening activities
  • Daily arts, exercise and brain engagement opportunities
  • On-site salon and barber
  • Appropriate placement of residents into peer groups that accurately reflect their needs, abilities and degree of service
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Signs Your Loved One Needs Memory Care 

Making the decision to move to memory care is never an easy one.  The decision cannot only be based on your loved one’s condition, but the whole situation, including your ability to safely care for them. Here are some signs that you may need to transition your loved one into a memory care community. Your loved one often: 

  • Gets lost in familiar places  
  • Has trouble remembering if they ate, drank, or showered 
  • Isn’t taking medications appropriately
  • Has trouble concentrating  
  • Misplaces things 
  • Is confused or moody 
  • Is more withdrawn or anxious 

How to Transition Your Loved Ones into Memory Care 

Deciding when to move your loved ones into memory care is one of the most difficult decisions you will make. We know it can feel wrong to make this major decision without their input, however we also know that the best thing you can do to help them is to give them the support they need. Here’s what we suggest:  

  1. Take all factors into consideration, but decide with your head, not your heart 
  2. Start the process early. If you can, start it as soon as your partner is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia 
  3. Try not to decide during a time of crisis  
  4. Research how your chosen care team will help your partner 
  5. Discuss any concerns you have with your family, such as finances, handling your partners care, and visitations  
  6. Talk with your support system  

If you need any additional help in transitioning your loved one into memory care, you’re not alone. Reach out to use any time and our team will be right there to offer advice and help guide you through the process.  

Revere℠ Memory Care Highlights

Honoring your loved one's individuality and caring for their totality of needs.

Our Revere Memory uses relationship-based methods to help your loved one make connections through music, dance, art, food, movement and sensory stimulation. Revere Memory Care is a unique program designed to make connections through familiar events and activities that speak to us all and remind us that life is precious.

Aria Music

Music is a language that connects us all. Studies show that music can also reawaken your loved one’s memories and stimulate activity and engagement.

IN•TUNE Fitness

Dance is your body’s natural way of connecting to music. Studies show rhythmic dancing can also slow the progression of memory loss. The physical activity of dance can revive energy, prevent falls and foster your loved one’s feeling of well-being.


Your connection to animals can be just as strong as your connection to people. Visits from therapy dogs and pets have been shown to increase social engagement and elevate your loved one’s mood.

Community Wellness

From outdoor walks to gardening activities surrounded by fresh air and sunlight, we help your loved one connect to nature. Studies show time outside can even reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Sensory Stimulation

It’s common for those living with memory loss to live in low-stimulation environments. Our Revere℠ Memory Care engages your loved one’s senses by introducing them to natural experiences like the scent of flowers or the touch of soft fabrics.

Intergenerational Programming

Nothing reminds seniors of the days of youth like engaging with children. Children have a natural aura that reminds us of carefree innocence and the genuine desire to explore. Your loved ones will also feel a sense of purpose while sharing their wisdom and experience with young visitors.

Mental Engagement

The power of meditation and rhythmic breathing can calm and activate the mind, which is essential for memory care.. We also encourage residents that playtime can also be a time for healing, with a collection of games, arts, crafts and individual self-expression.


A holistic early intervention program.

CONNECTIONS is a new program designed by Cogir to provide prolonged Assisted Living residency and serves as an early intervention to help slow the progression of memory loss and forgetfulness. Our team of caregivers focuses on building relationships and addressing your loved one’s unique needs in a supportive environment. Availability differs depending on individual community. 

Our Memory Care Communities

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