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Quality care at every stage

Our unique Revere℠ Memory Care program provides personalized care for residents challenged by dementia or Alzheimer's. Residents are treated with respect and compassion by expert care staff who genuinely care about each individual. 

Daughter hugs her mother, who is a Cogir resident

Everyday comfort with Specialized Care

Residents living with Alzheimer’s or dementia will receive a personalized care plan designed to address their specific needs, all while enjoying countless amenities, beautiful grounds and a caring and compassionate staff.

Cogir staff helps memory care resident read the news.

Amenities & Additional Services

Memory Care apartments include countless amenities to make you feel at home, including:

  • Beautifully designed spaces that ease independent navigation
  • Spacious common areas
  • Secure outdoor garden space
  • Daily arts, exercise and brain engagement programs
  • On-site salon and barber
  • Appropriate placement of residents into peer groups that accurately reflect their needs, abilities and degree of service
  • As a SafelyYou affiliate, we provide real-time AI video technology with 24/7 remote clinical support to detect and prevent falls.

Signs your loved one may need Memory Care

Making the decision to move to Memory Care is never an easy one. If any of the following match your loved one’s behaviors, it may be time to consider specialized care:

  • Gets lost in familiar places
  • Has trouble remembering if they ate, drank, or showered
  • Isn’t taking medications appropriately
  • Has trouble concentrating
  • Misplaces things
  • Is confused or moody
  • Is more withdrawn or anxious

Transitioning into Memory Care

Deciding to move a loved one into Memory Care is an incredibly difficult decision. It can feel wrong to make this major decision without their input. However, the best thing you can do to help them is to give them the expert support they need. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Start the process as soon as your partner is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia
  2. Try not to decide during a time of crisis
  3. Research how your chosen care team will help your partner
  4. Discuss any concerns you have with your family, such as finances, handling your partner’s care and visitations
  5. Talk with your support system

If you need help transitioning your loved one into Memory Care, we’re here for you. Reach out to us at any time and our team will offer advice to guide you through the process.

Revere℠ Memory Care

Our Revere℠ Memory uses relationship-based methods to help your loved one make connections through sensory stimulation. It is a holistic program that employs personalized care and engaging community programs and activities that ensure your loved one lives a purposeful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Engaging Revere℠ Memory Care programs

Our Revere℠ Memory Care offers signature programs designed specifically for those with cognitive or memory loss challenges. These research-backed and engaging programs help your loved one thrive by stimulating the mind and body.

Music and Memory

Studies show that the right music can reawaken memories, stimulating activity and engagement. The benefits can be huge, yet this method is very simple – find the right musical connection to awaken the mind.

Dancing and Dementia

Encouragingly, studies also show that rhythmic dancing can slow the process of dementia. It helps to revive energy, prevents falls, increases activity and fosters general feelings of well-being.

Animal Assisted Activities

Research shows that therapy dogs and pet visits can increase social engagement, movement, and elevate the mood long after the visit is over.

Mind Engagement

We engage the mind through reminiscing exercises, simple guided meditations, games, arts and crafts, and individual self-expression.

Encounters with Nature

From outdoor walks to gardening activities surrounded by fresh air and sunlight, we help your loved one connect to nature. Studies show time outside can even reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Sensory Stimulation

Often, those in cognitive decline have lived in low-stimulation environments. Revere Memory Care methods reintroduce fresh, natural experiences such as the scent from flowers and physical diversity of fabric textures to gently stimulate the senses. Enlivening the senses increases engagement in the rest of life while decreasing reliance on anti-anxiety and sleep medications.


An early intervention program for memory loss.

Connections is a unique program that provides early intervention for those experiencing signs of memory loss. Because every resident is unique, Connections allows us to create a personalized care plan that accounts for your loved one’s needs and slow the progression of memory loss.

Discover the exceptional support of our dedicated team today. Contact us for more information.