Mr. James B. Baldwin and Mr. Harry Wayne Hook, Jr., valiantly served our nation in uniform during the Vietnam War – Mr. Hook by land, as a sergeant in the US Army; Mr. Baldwin by air, as an aviation commander in the US Navy.

This Veteran’s Day, Tribute at One Loudoun is proud to put a spotlight on two very special residents whom we’re extremely fortunate to have with us every day.

These gentlemen have left an indelible legacy of service to our country. The management and staff of Tribute believe their stories should be shared, so that generations of Americans to come may understand how important their bravery and courage is.

Mr. Goodwin served nearly 23 years as a Navy pilot, from April 1956 until February 1979. One of the first graduates of the Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS), he flew multiple missions during the Vietnam conflict in support of American ground forces. Mr. Goodwin’s eldest son followed his father’s noble example, graduating from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and serving for 15 years.

Mr. Hook was wearing the boots on the ground that Mr. Goodwin supported by air. Mr. Hook served our nation in the Army from August 7, 1969 to August 6, 1971 – two years of the war’s fiercest fighting. He saw combat action in-country for six months. On November 18, 2020, Mr. Hook will be presented with the prestigious Quilt of Valor Award for his honorable service during wartime. (Don’t tell him, though – it’s a surprise!)

Many of us can’t even imagine what these two brothers-in-arms went through. But we do know that their hard work and sacrifice has literally made it possible for all of us to live as we wish – and we can’t thank them enough.

Today, we’re honored to say these men reside with us here at Tribute at One Loudoun in Ashburn, VA. Both staff and residents enjoy listening to them tell stories from their days in the military, and it is our pleasure to have them around.

This Veteran’s Day, please join Tribute at One Loudoun in giving thanks to our dear friends Mr. Hook and Mr. Goodwin – and remember the thousands of men and women who’ve fought for our country under unbelievable adversity, many of whom never returned.

James, Harry, thank you both so very, very much. Happy Veteran’s Day.