With vibrant communities offering an extraordinary array of enriching experiences, we at Tribute at Melford have a mission to help seniors live better, longer. 

 With Thanksgiving approaching, now is the ideal time to reveal one of the secrets of living a long, healthy, happy life: An attitude of gratitude! 

 Gratitude is recognizing the good things in life. Gratitude is the awareness that we’re the beneficiary of kindness or blessing, that we’re on the receiving end of good fortune or good will. Gratitude helps us appreciate what we have.  

 And it might help us live longer. 

 “Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” —Henri Frederic Amiel 

 In Expressing Gratitude, Practice Makes More Perfect Health 

 Scientific studies show the correlation between feelings of gratefulness and effects like lower blood pressure, stronger immune system response, less stress and depression, and better sleep. People who are generally grateful for what they have also tend to exercise more, eat healthier, and stick to their medication schedules, according to an article entitled “Gratitude Is Good Medicine” on the University of California at Davis Medical Center’s website. 

 Indeed, findings suggest “that gratitude is an attainment associated with emotional maturity,” says an article published by Harvard Health headlined “Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier.” 

 So look around for reasons to be grateful. You’ll find lots of them! 

  •  Friends. From childhood chums to book club buddies, it’s a blessing to count someone you care about as a dear friend. Show your thankfulness for friends. 
  •  Family. Sometimes the reward for a long life is a large family. Be thankful whenever you’re able to be close to kin. 
  •  Memories. Remember your school days? College days? Vacations? The day your kids were born – and when your grandchildren were born? Holding on to memories is a blessing, so be thankful you could make them – and call them up often. 
  •  Wisdom. Every resident at Tribute is a fount of wisdom. There’s no substitute for lived experience. Be grateful for your accumulated wisdom – and everyone who depends on you to share it. 
  •  A warm, comfortable, stimulating home with something new to look forward to every day. That’s exactly what Tribute at Melford offers in Bowie, Maryland. Even more to be thankful for! 

 Living here at Tribute at Melford where Anne Arundel meets Prince George’s County, we’re mere minutes from the Annapolis Marine Pier. Explore the charming cobblestone streets and waterfront shops, or tour the stores at Bowie Town Center. Stake out your favorite spot along the Atlantic oceanfront, then take a walk along our secure trails and spy the nest of bald eagles we call neighbors. The summers are filled with Bowie Baysox baseball, but the famous crab bomb at Jerry’s Seafood is a home run all year long! Back on your home plate, there’s always a gourmet meal – not to mention happy hour by the fireplace. 

 How To Express Thankfulness? It’s a State of Mind 

 Taking another quote from Harvard Health, “This mental state [of gratitude] grows stronger with use and practice.” A study conducted at the University of California at Berkeley indicates that being proactively grateful has long-lasting positive effects on the brain. 

 So, we offer a few ways to truly feel gratitude on a daily basis: 

  •  Sincerely thank people – even if they’re not there. Many people have made an impact on you, directly or indirectly, over the course of your life. Be sure to thank them if you can – or, if you can’t, remember to feel thankful for them. 
  •  Pray or meditate. Or both. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by expanding your spiritual connections and focusing on the joy of being alive. 
  •  Keep a gratitude journal. In it, write down things you’re grateful for, like your grandkids, or friends, or catching a sunset, or that chocolate eclair for dessert. 
  •  Count your blessings. Make a habit of recognizing things to be grateful for. Write them down in that journal. 

 Grateful To Be Your Home For Active Independent Senior Living 

 This Thanksgiving, the staff and management at Tribute at Melford are thankful for our residents, because all of them have chosen to live here. That’s why we try so hard to provide them the lifestyle of their choosing. Whether that’s an upbeat tempo, a slower rhythm, or dancing to a different beat, you’ll find your cadence with TributeEnjoy life in the key of beautiful.® 

 Thank you to all our residents, and thank you to the seniors and their families who come to Tribute for true independent living, first-class assisted living, and advanced memory care. Please contact our community’s main office by email at Hello@TributeAtMelford.com or phone at 301-329-5565, and connect with Tribute at Melford on Facebook. We’re grateful for you! 

 From Tribute at Melford, Happy Thanksgiving – and many more.