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Independent and Assisted Living in Cherry Creek

Welcome to ACOYA. We’re a dynamic community located in the heart of the Cherry Creek neighborhood. With abundant lifestyle amenities, spacious residences and concierge services, we help you enjoy retired life as it was intended. Take in spectacular views of the city from the rooftop lounge. Seek quiet moments of meditation and yoga. Or garden in the greenhouse. Find everything you need and more at this exclusive senior living community modeled after the best luxury resorts.

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Resident and Family Reviews

I love my parents more than anything, so helping decide where they should move is a very big deal for me. Both of my parents are retired health providers who’ve spent their entire lives and careers helping others, so my standard for how I believe they should be treated could not be higher. In every interaction I have had with the Acoya team, they have exceeded my expectations — not by inches but by miles. In Yiddish, the word mensch refers to someone who is wise, caring, thoughtful, kind, generous… Acoya Cherry Creek, from the top down, is a facility run by mensches who are always looking actively for opportunities to be helpful. On top of that, the facility is just beautiful. It feels kind of like moving my beloved parents into the Four Seasons, which I believe they very much deserve in this triumphal chapter of their lives.

—  Jamie M

A Dynamic Lifestyle Awaits

ACOYA Cherry Creek is both a haven and a hub where you can relax and create. Whether you want to join a painting class or hear a stimulating lecture, our all-encompassing approach to life provides everything you need to grow your mind, exercise your body and invigorate your spirit.

A Message from Our CEO

David Eskenazy

At Cogir Senior Living our focus is truly on the human element. Simply put, we are people serving people, making people happy. Here at Cogir we are a collection of very experienced people with a mission to make people’s lives better – and that is something we work hard at every day. Welcome to Cogir. 

—  David Eskenazy

We’re Here To Help

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