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Senior Living in Vancouver

Cogir of Glenwood Place strives to create the ideal senior living community for its residents. Our senior living programs in Vancouver, WA, seamlessly blend individual assistance with supervised independence to help our residents thrive. Here, they benefit from lovely gathering areas, stimulating activities and the attention of a highly trained staff available at all times.

Service Offerings

Our residents’ happiness and well being is our top priority. Our independent living, assisted living, memory care and respite stay in Vancouver, WA, are tailored based on the residents’ various needs. Each level of care is different, and here at Cogir of Glenwood Place, whatever kind of care is needed, our team can help.

We're here to help.

APFM Best Senior Living

A SafelyYou Premiere Partner

Our community also offers fall detection technology through SafelyYou. SafelyYou combines real-time AI video technology with 24/7 remote clinical support to detect and help prevent falls. With consent, a camera is activated in a resident’s room, recording only the events surrounding an on-the-ground event. Staff can then review the fall video to understand how the fall occurred—and how to help keep it from happening again. SafelyYou reduces falls by 40% and fall-related ER visits by 80%, keeping residents safer and providing families greater peace of mind.

A Message from Our CEO

David Eskenazy

At Cogir Senior Living our focus is truly on the human element. Simply put, we are people serving people, making people happy. Here at Cogir we are a collection of very experienced people with a mission to make people’s lives better – and that is something we work hard at every day. Welcome to Cogir. 

—  David Eskenazy

We're here to help.

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