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ARIA Arts Program

Tap into your creative talents at Cogir of Lotus Park’s art studio, home to the ARIA Arts Program. Here, everyone can express themselves through art. Discover your inner artist and enjoy various classes and experiences to learn new skills and unleash your creativity and self-expression.

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IN•TUNE Fitness

Cogir of Lotus Park’s IN•TUNE Fitness Program offers various instructor-led fitness classes to help keep you vibrant and energized. Experience resident-based exercises such as chair yoga, dance, cardio fit and strength training.

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The FURTISSIMO Pet Program is our way of integrating furry friends into multiple aspects of our engagement and wellness programs, increasing social engagement, physical activity and elevating your mood long after the visit is over.

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The SYMPHONY Program is the heartbeat of Cogir of Lotus Park. We provide a rhythmic flow of joyful experiences designed to enrich your life and strive to create meaningful connections with family, friends and staff. Feel fulfilled in every aspect of life with our SYMPHONY Program. Discover the rhythm of your new life.

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ENCORE Culinary Services

Indulge in Gourmet Meals Daily

Delight in a culinary journey where every plate is a symphony of flavors meticulously orchestrated by our in-house chefs. Each bit tells a tale of seasoned craftsmanship, with inredients hand-picked to ensure an exquisite balance between taste and nutrition. And for those with discerning palates and special dietary inclinations, our culinary maestros are adepts at crafting dishes that are as pleasing to the health as they are to the senses.


Are you ready to start living the Cogir of Lotus Park lifestyle? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a visit.