The benefits of lifelong learning in your retirement years can bring meaning, purpose, joy and a higher quality of life. Researchers are finding that keeping the brain active can slow cognitive decline. When a senior chooses to continue education, not only do they experience mental health improvements, but it also provides activities and hobbies for the person to enjoy in retirement.

If you or a loved one wants to pursue an education connection in the community, then it’s a great idea to look for education for adults near me. Many community centers, colleges, businesses, and universities offer classes and learning opportunities for people of all ages.

Going Back to School: Redefining Education

As children, teens, and young adults go back to school this fall, seniors also have the opportunity to continue learning.   Many younger adults may define education in terms of a Bachelor’s degree, state ranking in education, and other formal forms of learning. While colleges and universities fall within the definitions of education, it’s also possible to think outside the box. Seniors can take formal courses or they can learn a new hobby or skill from a neighbor, family member or by simply trying something new.  

Modern society is forming a new view of education defined. Therefore, attending an education center isn’t only about obtaining a degree or certification. Classes like those on provide learning opportunities from home.These learning opportunities also shape thought and enhance a person’s life in many positive ways.

Perspective also changes with age: seniors may be interested in education for master’s degrees or jobs education even if they are retired.  They may also be interested in participating in education for the joy of learning, studying new skills, and improving their lives. 

What Is Education About?

Instead of only looking at applied education systems, broaden your horizons to consider other learning opportunities in the community. Seniors often enjoy learning practical information. They might want to learn about health education, reverse-mortgage education, financial tips for retirement, education for equality, and more.

When a person reaches retirement, they have more time on their hands. Now, as life priorities shift. Individuals are focusing on lifelong learning. Their philosophy to education may be more about personal growth and enjoyment, or it may be about reaching specific milestones in life. 

Education Connection: 10 Ideas for Seniors

Here are a few ideas for seniors who want to find new hobbies, maintain good health, and continue education:

1. Computer Classes for Seniors

Staying connected is a priority for people of all ages, and seniors don’t want to feel like they are falling behind with technology. Computer classes can be valuable to help someone learn basic skills like sending an email or using social media to communicate with family and friends. Plus, seniors can use these new skills to leverage technology for education in other classes.

2. Fitness Classes for Seniors

Staying healthy is more important than ever in this stage of life. Check local gyms, the YMCA, JCC Association, and recreation centers to find fitness classes for seniors, such as “Silver Sneakers.” Or, search online to find digital videos that guide exercise for seniors at home.

3. Balancing Classes for Seniors

Improving flexibility and balance is important to reduce the risk of injury and falls. Yoga is particularly suitable for older adults since it’s a low-impact form of exercise. Also, look for other types of balancing classes. Even easy phones for seniors allow streaming of digital yoga videos that are perfect for at-home activity.

4. Dance Classes for Seniors

Seniors can move their bodies and enjoy a social connection at the same time through dance classes. Partner dancing creates the perfect environment for seniors helping seniors. Or, individual participation can happen through line dancing.

5. Water Exercise Classes for Seniors

If a person’s joints are sore or a senior is in recovery, water exercise is a way to continue education and fitness. Most recreation centers and gyms offer water exercises classes such as aerobics and lap swimming, with convenient morning hours available.

6. Art Classes for Seniors

Sparking creativity is an important philosophy to education, and art is a great way to make this possible. Local sewing and art classes for seniors are available through many businesses, colleges, and community centers. Look for painting, ceramics, quilting, knitting, and more. One example is at Tribute at Melford in Montgomery County near Bowie, Maryland: Robert Brown watches painting classes and has learned a lot about painting.  When the community has an art show, many of his paintings are displayed. He loves learning different techniques.

7. Cooking Classes for Seniors

If a senior loves spending time in the kitchen, find local cooking classes where they can learn everything from holiday dishes to baking, soups, and desserts. Students often go home with leftovers, helping to reduce the need for meal deliveries for seniors.

8. Free Online College Courses for Seniors

There are many free online college courses for seniors through schools across the country through a digital education center. Or, you can find a local college or university that offers discounted tuition for seniors who want to take or observe the classes.

9. Tai Chi Classes for Seniors

Participating in Tai Chi classes is excellent for older generations because it improves body awareness, strengthens muscles, and optimizes flexibility.  Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that helps seniors improve balance and prevent falls.

10. AARP Classes for Seniors

AARP has an education center that offers many online AARP classes for people of all ages on topics such as caregiving, Medicare, fraud prevention, preparing for retirement, and more.  Many of the classes are self-paced and free. AARP Skills Builder for Work courses can help you grow and build more confidence.  

Cadence Living Supports Seniors Who Want to Continue Education

At Cadence Living, we offer many different services and living solutions for seniors, including independent living, assisted living, Cadence CONNECTIONS care, memory care, and more. We focus on the WHY: the importance of education to promote healthy physical and mental lifestyles for seniors. Our philosophy to education is to support residents by offering social connection and health opportunities through physical movement. If you are looking for in-home care for seniors near me, then call today to schedule a tour and learn more about our communities.