The most effective senior living communities provide more than a place to call home. Many senior communities are incorporating wellness programs to offer residents an overall improvement in their quality of living. And some even focus on the social wellness of their residents, as well.

The goal of these select few is to give aging adults a safe environment where they can enjoy physical activities, social programs, and nutritious meals. It’s easy for families to see why wellness programs are important, which is why loved ones often look for these health-focused communities for retirees.

The Importance of Wellness Programs for Aging

Health and wellness are important in all stages of life, especially for aging adults who face an increased risk of health concerns. Hundreds of research studies show that healthy eating, exercise, and community are all factors that minimize the chances of serious illness, like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, and more.

When a senior moves into an assisted living community, this new lifestyle is a place where they can thrive. Since residents are no longer in the workforce, instead of focusing on wellness programs and work-life balance, they can turn their attention to healthy living while enjoying their favorite hobbies and activities.

One of the fundamental reasons why wellness programs are important is that a healthy lifestyle boosts the quality of life. Not only do many seniors have the opportunity to live longer, but these wellness programs reduce healthcare costs and support a thriving lifestyle.

5 Benefits of a Senior Wellness Program

It’s common for families to ask: what is the purpose of wellness programs? Here are just a few of the benefits your can expect when choosing a senior living community that incorporates wellness programs:

1. Quality of Life

Just because a person is getting older doesn’t mean they must settle for a lower quality of life. Senior living communities overcome common barriers to wellness programs to help people thrive. And by focusing on social wellness as well as physical wellness, you can reduce stress, increase happiness and reduce health problems.

2. Convenient Facilities

Depending on the location you choose, many senior living communities have a variety of on-site amenities: fitness rooms, salons, movie theaters, activity centers, on-site dining, and more. Residents appreciate the opportunity to access these facilities close to home. Convenient access supports overall wellness and top-notch living.

3. Independent Living

Independence is a high priority – people want the freedom to choose their daily activities and have control over the details of their lives. Senior living communities take care of the maintenance and daily responsibilities so residents can prioritize their time on things that matter most: family, interests, and passions. Convenient social wellness programs offer simple accessibility so seniors can pick and choose the activities they would like to join.

4. Safety and Security

Families appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved one is in a safe and comfortable place. These communities take safety and security seriously, with housing accommodations and state-of-the-art technology to offer 24/7 security. A community with a wellness program results in a variety of activity opportunities while maintaining the highest levels of safety at all times.

5. Prevention

Small, preventive steps are essential for helping seniors avoid unnecessary hospitalization and medical treatments. Not only do wellness programs provide education and support for healthy living, but staff members offer ongoing support to minimize potential issues relating to slips, falls, exercise, and more.

What Is Included in a Wellness Program?

Because of the barriers to wellness programs, specific services vary depending on the community you choose. As you are looking for a local senior living community, ask about their wellness program results and schedules.

When you ask about what a wellness program includes, look for amenities and features such as:

  • Healthy meal planning
  • Fitness programs and classes
  • Social activities
  • Music, arts, and crafts
  • Learning and educational classes
  • Volunteer and community outreach opportunities
  • On-site facilities, such as a fitness center
  • Emotional support
  • Worship services

Set goals, then find a senior living community that is the perfect fit for your loved one. When you understand why wellness programs are important, it’s a priority to find a community location that integrates all of these health-promoting activities and initiatives.

Senior Living with Quality Wellness Program Results

When senior wellness programs are a priority, the Cadence Living communities offer the services you need. Whether you are planning for your future or looking for support for the care of aging parents, we provide full-service solutions: assisted living, memory care, and independent living. Our Cadence CONNECTIONS is ideal for memory care, with a holistic approach and early interventions.