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Cogir’s proprietary SYMPHONY Program takes a holistic approach to community engagement with a variety of activities designed to enhance each resident’s happiness and well-being. We’ll help you feel fulfilled in every aspect of life through fitness, art and social interaction.

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IN•TUNE Fitness

All your physical wellness needs can be met through our IN•TUNE Fitness Program. We develop fun classes and workouts — from yoga to strength training — for every level of ability to help you renew your spirit and strengthen your mind.

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ARIA Arts Program

Our ARIA Arts Program offers a wide variety of classes and artistic encounters across different mediums and popular culture for experts and beginners alike. Learn new skills and think outside the box as you create something beautiful.

Holistic Community Engagement

Cadence Lakewood takes a holistic approach to community engagement and provides ample opportunities to get out and about as frequently as you’d like. We engage with community life through social outings to restaurants, arts and crafts workshops and more.

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ENCORE Culinary Services

The taste of life, savored.

Cogir’s ENCORE Culinary Services is an engagement of the senses. Enjoy delicious meals in a warm and welcoming restaurant-style environment will all your friends. Our on-site chefs are happy to work with any dietary needs or restrictions to create a personalized menu that makes you or a loved one feel healthy and energized.

Living Your Life, Your Way

Cadence Lakewood can open up new possibilities for a well-rounded life for you or a loved one. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about active senior living in Lakewood!