Mr. Ron Adams, Mr. John Nagel, Mr. Edward Harris and Mr. Larence Brown have a lot in common. In addition to owning a combined 44 years of military service between them, these four men have sons who’ve served in uniform too.

This Veteran’s Day, Tribute at Melford senior living is proud to honor four very special residents who we’re extremely fortunate to have with us every day.

All of these gentlemen – our residents and also their sons – have left an indelible legacy of service to our country. The management and staff of Tribute at Melford in Bowie, MD, believe their stories should be shared, so that generations of Americans to come may understand how crucially important their bravery and courage is.

Mr. Brown served 24 years in the US Navy between 1951 and 1975, stationed in Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, and other calls of duty around the world, rising to the rank of commander. Both his daughter and son followed him into service – his daughter as a police officer, his son as a senior chief lineman in the Navy.

“I feel great that he followed in my footsteps. I gave him advice and he followed through,” Mr. Brown says of his son. “I told him to do it for 20 years, and he retired as an E8.”

Mr. Adams served 15 years in the US Army as a maintenance member, stationed in Korea and Fort Knox, Kentucky, among other places – and always joined by his supportive and faithful wife. Their eldest son grew up to become an officer in the Army, and their second-born son joined the Air Force.

Mr. Harris followed his uncles into military service, becoming a surveyor in the US Army upon being conscripted. He served in uniform from 1957 to 1959, serving in Germany and France. His son took up the family tradition, electing to join the US Marine Corps.

“I think every youngster should do something for their country, whether it’s military or scouts or something, because it teaches order and discipline and responsibility,” Mr. Harris says. “Kids need that.”

The old saying goes that an army marches on its stomach, and Mr. Nagel kept our troops well-fed and moving as a US Army cook from 1959 to 1962, calling it “the best job you can have in the military – your belly is always filled!” He served in both Kentucky and Korea, inspiring his sons to enlist in military service themselves – the eldest in the Army, the younger in the Navy.

“I encouraged it. The benefits are great,” Mr. Nagel says of his sons deciding to serve in our nation’s armed forces. “I’m proud of them.”

It’s difficult – maybe impossible – to truly understand what these four brothers-in-arms went through in service to our country. But we do know that the sacrifices they and their families made make our freedoms possible – and we can’t thank them enough.

Today, it’s our honor to say these four amazing men live here at Tribute at Melford. Their stories and insights from their time serving our country is an endless source of enjoyment for fellow residents and staff both.

So this Veteran’s Day, please join Tribute at Melford in showing our immense gratitude to Mr. Brown, Mr. Harris, Mr. Nagel and Mr. Adams – and keep a thought and prayer for the thousands of men and women who’ve fought for our country under unbelievable adversity, many of whom never returned.

To Edward, John, Ron, and Larence: Thank you all, so very much. Happy Veteran’s Day.