Get the Basic Facts on Assisted Living vs Independent Living

Independent Living. Assisted Living. You hear these terms regularly in the senior living world. But what do they mean? And what is the difference between independent living and assisted living, anyway?

The Main Features of Assisted Living and Independent Living Communities

So exactly how do communities featuring apartments with assisted living services match up against independent living apartments? First, let’s define our terms. Here’s an independent living definition, and an assisted living definition:

What does independent living mean? 

Independent Living Communities – also referred to as Independent Retirement Communities – are specially designed residential communities (typically apartment-style) which cater to the needs and lifestyles of senior residents. Seniors residing in independent living housing don’t require regular assistance with activities of daily living, but still enjoy the benefits of senior-friendly amenities:

– Thoughtfully designed and well-appointed living areas
– Gourmet cuisine prepared daily
– On-site health and wellness services and access to emergency services
– Support services
– Calendar of exciting social events

In addition, independent living apartments give seniors total freedom over their travel, so they can lock up and go as they please and return when they wish.

What does assisted living mean?

Assisted Living – is a residence (also typically apartment-style) for seniors who require some level of daily assistance to attend to their care:

– Preparing and eating meals
– Receiving and taking medications
– Getting dressed and assistance with grooming
– Performing the activities of daily life-often referred to as ADLs
– Other services specific to the resident’s needs

By getting help with their basic needs while enjoying the social benefits of a community of peers, seniors residing in residential assisted living communities live full, contented lives in the company of family and friends.

Just the Facts: Assisted Living homes vs Independent Living homes for Seniors

So that’s what these terms mean, but what’s the difference between these two types of senior living communities? Let’s lay out the myriad of benefits that seniors receive from each lifestyle option:

Benefits Analysis
Independent Living versus Assisted Living

– Community and camaraderie – Independent Living & Assisted Living
– Gourmet meals prepared and served. – Independent Living & Assisted Living
– Housekeeping and laundry services. – Independent Living & Assisted Living
– Tailored health and wellness programs – Independent Living & Assisted Living
– Health care services on-site – Assisted Living Only
– Emergency services available – Assisted Living Only
– Support with participation in community activities – Assisted Living Only
– Assistance getting and/or eating meals – Assisted Living Only
– Assistance getting dressed and grooming – Assisted Living Only
– Assistance with bathing and personal hygiene – Assisted Living Only
– Assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) – Assisted Living Only

Of course, each resident has particular needs and wishes, and it’s the responsibility of the community to meet them – whether independent or assisted in nature. That’s why it’s such a tremendous advantage that Cadence offers both.

Cadence CONNECTIONS: Linking Our Assisted Living, Memory Care

Joyful quality of life for our loved ones is the most important thing. Understanding which level of assistance they need at each stage of their life is critical. That’s why we’re glad you’re researching assisted living and independent living differences, and we’re delighted you found our website! At senior communities across the country, from California to Maryland, Cadence offers neighborhoods designed and dedicated solely for their needs:

– Independent Living
– Assisted Living
Revere℠ Memory Care

That sort of holistic, integrated lifestyle approach makes Cadence one of the few senior care companies providing residents with different Modern Aging options across their portfolio – which makes us convenient for our residents and their families! Our newest program, Cadence CONNECTIONS, is a new program that builds bridges among our Assisted Living and Memory Care neighborhoods – so the care needs of our residents can be met at every phase of their life. Cadence communities featuring all levels of care are like actual neighborhoods.

Cadence strives to create an enriching, stimulating environment for all residents that is harmoniously orchestrated to match the tempo and rhythm of our residents’ lives. It’s how Cadence makes sure seniors receive the services they need while living the life they want!

In Maryland and Virginia, Cadence Is Tribute Living
Cadence Living manages four communities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area:

Tribute at One Loudoun in Ashburn, VA
Tribute at The Glen in Woodbridge, VA
Tribute at Black Hill in Germantown, MD
Tribute at Melford in Bowie, MD

Tribute celebrates the living aspects of aging while providing quality care. From Independent Living to Assisted Living to Cadence CONNECTIONS to Memory Care, Tribute’s holistic approach to resident care cultivates an environment where residents can live Life in the Key of Beautiful™.